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We believe in the limitless potential of player-driven storytelling. We know the best stories are a collaborative effort, strengthened by many voices and lived experiences.
We believe in the limitless potential of player-driven storytelling. We know the best stories are a collaborative effort, strengthened by many voices and lived experiences.

Together, we create the foundations for countless epic journeys and enduring tales, told by our passionate community of fans.

Our Highlights

We were founded in 1994 as a true indie start-up. That took courage and conviction. It’s part of our DNA and rich heritage – the proof of which is found in our legacy of games.

For Work?

Let the next adventure begin.

Technical Artist, Houdini

Candidate must have shipped one game title or have work samples showing equivalent experience. Must have a strong drive to learn new tools and systems and troubleshoot when things don’t work.
Knowledge of Houdini is required, experience with other procedural content creation tools is a plus.
Experience with a modern 3d engine is required.
A solid technical understanding of Maya and Max is preferred.

Advanced Software Engineer, Gameplay

This role will work closely with Engineers, Designers, and Artists to develop gameplay for our next AAA title. Your domain will span as much of the codebase as your skills and interests dictate, as you design and implement extensions to existing systems and pivotal new systems to address the needs of our in-house content developers. A strong candidate has a passion for: AI, combat, animation, online-connectivity, player controls, or progression. At the advanced level, you are expected to be an expert in one or more of these systems in addition to being a resource to Engineering peers.

Advanced Designer, Combat

This role works closely with Design, Art, Programming, and Production to create and maintain high quality gameplay systems and combat components. It will involve the design and technical implementation of moment-to-moment gameplay for Enemy Design and the Player Character. Responsibilities also include driving the technical needs, as well as advancement of new and existing technology. An Advanced Designer should also set the example for junior designers on the team, mentoring and leading by example whenever possible.

Designer, Systems

Experience with player behavior, AI, and/or combat preferred, as well as
experience with 3D open world action games.

Lead Artist, Characters

This role is responsible for leading a team of character artists in the creation and implementation of the highest quality characters and creatures within a AAA project infrastructure. They will work directly with the Director of Art, Director of Technical Art, Design Leadership, and relevant Art Leadership to help create and define the character style, define best practices, and maintain the highest artistic standards and proper technical requirements for AAA industry leading products. The Lead Artist, Character is responsible for providing clear direction to the character art team on development best practices towards increased efficiency and quality.

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